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Research shows that vision and sporting performance are directly related. Sportsvision describes all the aspects of vision required in sport. It is much more complex than simply recording how well you can read a test chart, or see straight ahead.

Sportsvision assessment includes measuring your "Visual Acuity" in order to determine how well you can see straight ahead of you. We also examine how well the eyes work together to provide 3D vision. This is directly related to timing and accuracy, important for striking a ball or aiming at a goal.

Client Testemonial

Ballyboden St. Endas - "Thank you Sportsvision.ie for the success our team has enjoyed with your help"

Ballyboden St. Endas Football and Hurling teams are setting their sights on a successful season with the help of Sportsvision.ie Irelands first mobile sportsvision screening service.

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